Purpose of The Sunday Stiletto

Morning Blog World!  Morning Reeves Community!  Morning All!

That covered my bases right?  Right.

This blog is the result of a late night brainstorm.  Don’t you love those?  Almost as exciting as the shower brainstorms.  You know the ones I am talking about.  But great.  Now we have that awkward moment where we have tangent-ed from our task and are thinking about brainstorms in the shower.  So…back to task!

The Sunday Stiletto.  What’s it’s purpose?

In the grand design, it is to be a way for me to connect with my congregants (and others!) on the Scripture I am studying in preparation for Sunday’s sermon…which I will most likely preach…while wearing stilettos.  Huzzah!  Included in each post will be tasty morsels of sermon-goodness that you can chew on throughout the week (wow…from shoes to eating all in two sentences…it’s the simple joys in life…) as you prepare for worship.  I invite your comments, reflections, questions.  Your offerings will help me in my preparation!  I love the idea of sermons being a collaboration of many voices: from the Scripture, from the Spirit, from you, from me.  How beautiful!  So let’s speak…or type…or simply read and pray together.

Together we will stride towards the reading, hearing, and living of the Scripture on the Lord’s Day and everyday!  Choose any footwear you desire for this journey into God’s Word.  As for me, I’ll be the one in stilettos!

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