Jesus: The Early Years ~ Evasive-Explicit Maneuvers

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Matthew 2:13-23

This week’s Scripture explores the tumultuous atmosphere into which Jesus was born.  A paranoid superpower felt threatened by the Christ-child and therefore decreed that all male children under the age of two must be exterminated.  Joseph led his family into safety – not in their homeland – but in a foreign land.  The Holy Family sought sanctuary in Egypt and remained there until told to return to Israel.

The text not only shares the lament for the children but invites readers to add their voices to the woeful chorus,

‘A voice was heard in Ramah,
wailing and loud lamentation,
Rachel weeping for her children;
she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.’ (Mt 2:18)

I am sadly reminded and sickened by the violent events that continue and cause me…cause us…to add our voices to the woeful chorus.

For the children of Sandy Hook…

For the children in Portland…

For the children in Milwaukee…

For the children in Tuscon…

For the children in Blacksburg…

For the children in Columbine…

For the children whose terror is not physically evident…

For the children in war-torn lands…

For the children who ache for want of food, drink, warmth, and security…

For the children who have not experienced love…

For the children…

Lord, these children cannot escape to safety.  What they once conceived of as safety has been ripped away.  Some have never known safety.  Draw us to you.  Redeem us that we may lead and become the safety for these dear ones, for these innocents, for these your precious lambs.  Lord, hear our prayer and bring your peace.

I am reminded that as our Savior was born into chaos that he would bring order out of chaos just as our God ordered creation in the beginning.  Our Savior comes with justice and assurance.  Emmanuel comes as servant and sacrifice.  Jesus hears the weeping of the children and accompanies their tears with his own.

In his weeping Jesus says, “No more.”

No more.

Jesus hears the weeping of the children.  Jesus hears their prayer and responds.  Will we?

Reflection and Prayer: The Prayer of the Children


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