Embracing Resurrection – Be The Change

Sunday’s Scripture Readings ~ Luke 24:1-12 and John 20:1-31

It’s Tuesday of Holy Week.  I am “in the weeds” of worship planning and studying and sermonizing for Easter Sunday.  Usually in The Sunday Stiletto I offer marinatings from the sermon to be shared on Sunday…

But this week…

I’m not doing that.

Why you may ask?  Because I don’t want us to race towards Easter.  In the liturgical calendar of the church we celebrate Palm Sunday and then the next week we celebrate Easter.  That makes sense because Jesus entered Jerusalem and then a week later he was resurrected.

But when these are the only two moments in the Passion narrative that we visit…well then we miss a whole lot.  Some of us celebrate Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and that’s great.  I would encourage you, though, to back up a little more and marinate on the teachings Jesus offers us on Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, and Holy Wednesday.

There is some good, strong, firm, heavy, important, life-giving, life-saving stuff in there.  And the only way we know that it is in there…is if we take the time to read it for ourselves.

Remember Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey; therefore, he couldn’t hurry down mainstreet Jerusalem because the word hurry isn’t in a donkey’s vocabulary.  Donkeys don’t gallop or dash like horses.  Each step of a donkey is calculated and measured and intentional.  Their steps and movement are their own decision not the decision of the rider.  I believe Jesus’ four-legged companion and transportation device moved at a sacred pace, which is the pace that Jesus used throughout his ministry, making calculated, measured, and intentional steps.

Jesus continues this sacred pace in his final days.  For the remainder of this Holy Week I encourage you to take a page from the donkey’s book and join Jesus in their sacred pace towards Calvary, the tomb, and then finally a stone rolled away.

And do a little reading while you’re at it.

Prayer: Gracious God, as we enter this Holy Week, strengthen us to move beyond the festive parade of palms and to follow Jesus into the way of the cross, that united with him and all the faithful, we may one day enter through the gates of righteousness into the eternal city, the New Jerusalem, where we may praise you with Christ and the Holy Spirit forever.  Amen.*

* Prayer from Feasting on the Word: Liturgies for Year C, Volume 1, 131.

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