A Child Is Born To Us!

Today’s Scripture ~ Isaiah 9:2-7; John 1:14-16; Luke 1:46-2:20

A child is born to us!  A son is given.  What a heavenly spectacle it is.

The Sheep Stood Stunned in Sudden Light

by Thomas Troeger

The sheep stood stunned in sudden light.  The shepherds shared the creature’s fright, while heaven’s star embroidered train swept over hills and down the plain.

They heard a rhythmic, rumbling roar, like breakers breaking on the shore and running up the thirsty strand to toss a treasure on the land.

And then the waves began to sing!  A sea of angels, wing on wing, was circling, chanting in the skies the news of Christ before their eyes.

This night, O God, again we hear your hidden ocean drawing near, against we sense through Jesus’ birth the sea of grace that circles earth.

O when the voiceless night returns and heaven’s sea more softly churns, may faith be like the shell that sends the sound of oceans waves and winds.

Through faith we’ll hear the angels’ songs, and though the dark be deep and long, we’ll bravely live, for by our side is Christ who came on heaven’s tide.*

From heaven to earth – from spirit to flesh – we celebrate the miracle of the incarnation.  Our Christ is born – Emmanuel – and he shall bring peace.

He shall bring peace.

Merry Christmas, my friends.  Merry Christmas

*Troeger, Thomas H., Borrowed Light (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994) 28.

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