The Gospel According to Showtunes: Seasons of Love

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Psalm 39:1-7

This week pastors and lay people from all over the Florida Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church will gather in Lakeland for our Annual Conference event.  It is a time to celebrate the ministry that God has led the Florida Annual Conference (comprised of over 700 churches) to and through this past year.  It is also a time to look ahead to where God is leading us in the future.

I most look forward to Annual Conference because of the friends in ministry that I am able to reconnect with during the event.  We worship together.  We grow together.  We eat together – and eating together is a priority – we are United Methodist, after all.

This Annual Conference will also be very special because I will be ordained and brought into full connection membership to the Annual Conference.  On June 13th, 2014 – a Friday and a full moon! – I will close my six year candidacy journey.  Over the past six years I have moved from inquiring candidate to certified candidate; from certified candidate to commissioned provisional elder; and now from commissioned provisional elder to ordained elder in full connection.  During these six years I have laughed and cried; I have doubted and felt affirmed; I have watched God transform relationships – bringing some to a close and rooting others all the more deeper.  I am so blessed to have had Andrew by my side throughout this journey.  I was called to this life and I chose this life – a life of ordained service in the church, a life of itinerating when the appointive authorities say it is time to move, a life of middle of the night phone calls for pastoral emergencies and meetings after meetings after meetings.  Sometimes I apologize to Andrew for this life that I have brought him into because he did not choose it…but then he looks at me and says, “But I did choose it…I chose it when I chose you.”

I know what you are thinking…he’s a keeper.  And I intend to do just that.

My Annual Conference experience will be a full one.  I am

  • Hosting a lunch
  • Assisting with the coordination of all seven worship services
  • Participating in two worship services
  • Co-hosting the inaugural Annual Conference 5K
  • Singing in a memorial choir
  • Being ordained
  • And hugging a whole host of people that I love very very much.

I am thankful for the season in my life.  It’s a crazy one, but it is so full of God’s abundance and love.

And next week…I will sleep.  Very very well.

Prayer: “Be still, my soul: your God will undertake to guide the future, as in ages past.  Your hope, your confidence let nothing shake; all now mysterious shall be bright at last.  Be still, my soul: the waves and winds still know the Christ who ruled them while he dwelt below.”*  Amen.

*”Be Still, My Soul,” The United Methodist Hymnal, 534.


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