Stewardship Is Room in the Chariot

Sunday’s Scriptures ~ Genesis 41:37-44 and I Samuel 18:1-16

Emails.  I read a lot of emails.  I send a lot of emails.  I take great joy in deleting emails once tasks are completed.

I have a friend who regularly sends me emails and while they subject current tasks they typically end with a question not about what I am doing, but how I am.

Earlier this week the question was, “You doing ok?”  And I said no.  Because I did not think I was doing ok.  It was late in my work week and I felt like little had been accomplished.  I was tired.  I was sore.  I felt like I was standing at the base of Kilimanjaro and being asked to get up to the summit barefoot, through the snow, without a guide, without any rigging, and without a nap.  Did I feel okay?  No.  I felt defeated.  There was so much to do…how on earth would it get done?

It was one of those moments where the weight of responsibility was so great that I was stunned into inactivity.  I did not know where to begin.

I sent my response to my friend and turned in for the night.

The next day I received another email from my friend.  “How are you feeling today?  Can we meet up to check in?”  And so we did.  And my dear friend helped me refocus my gaze.  Yes, there is still a lot to be done, but I am not standing at the base of Kilimanjaro.  I am somewhere up the mountain…and I am wearing the most fabulous pair of mountain hiking stilettos!  And most importantly – yes, even more important than the shoes – I am not alone for my friend is with me.

I am not alone.  Thanks be to God.

I was in need and my friend came alongside.  This friend, other friends, Andrew, my family, my colleagues, and the congregation I serve have all come alongside.  When I have felt defeated they have been my strength.  When I have been a wanderer they have led be home.  It is not always easy for me to ask for help.  I am not the quickest to admit that I need help.    It is in these moments that I am most grateful for the friends and family that become leaders and come alongside.  They become my guides.  They light my way.  They show me love.  They affirm that I am many things, but alone is not one of them.

Who has checked in with you this week?  Who has come alongside?  Who have you checked in with this week?  Who have you come alongside?  There is still time.  There is always time.  When we make time for one another, we affirm that we as God’s children may be many things, but alone is not one of them.

Thanks be to God.

Prayer: “Draw us in the Spirit’s tether, for when humbly in thy name, two or three are met together, thou art in the midst of them.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  Touch we now thy garment’s hem.  As disciples used to gather in the name of Christ to sup, then with thanks to God the Father break the bread and bless the cup: Alleluia!  Alleluia!  So now bind our friendship up.  All our meals and all our living make us sacraments of thee, that by caring, helping, giving, we may true disciples be.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!  We will serve thee faithfully.”*  Amen.

*”Draw Us in the Spirit’s Tether,” The United Methodist Church, 632.

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