Giving Up: Our Lives

Sunday’s Scripture ~ John 11:17-27, 38-46.

Recently I was reminded of a powerful truth from my friend Hugh, pastor of the LoveWins Community in Raleigh, North Carolina. Throughout our lives things have a habit of going awry and sometimes when things go awry, folks throw up their hands and say, “God has a plan!” It’s true. God does have a plan. Hugh would affirm that, and then add, “God’s plan is you.”

God’s plan is me. Is you. Is us.

This I believe.

This Sunday a group of our TUMC Gravity Youth will confirm their faith in front of God and our congregation. They will respond, claim, and confirm – for themselves – the vows taken on their behalf at their baptism. At their confirmation they step into the “drivers seat” of their faith. They will drive the direction of their faith, the engagement of their faith, the enrichment of their faith, and the depth of their faith. And the good news? They do not drive alone. They have the whole congregation riding with them.

Church, our youth are bright, passionate, and intelligent; they soaked up the lessons of their time in Confirmation like sponges. And they know – I know, we know! – that these lessons are not “one and done.” Part of our life, experience, and growth as followers of Christ is to return to these lessons over and over again because what they meant to us as teenagers can be (and is!) vastly different to what they mean as high school graduates, entering the work force, getting married, increasing their family, retiring, racing towards eternity.

The Gospel remains true and its meaning deepens as we live our lives with Christ.

I believe our youth are changing the world. Not only are they a part of of God’s plan, they are living into it with great creativity, fearlessness, and joy. They fuel my passion to give and serve. And…they are a little bit whacky…and we all need a little bit whacky in our lives.

Please join us this week as we celebrate the Confirmation of our youth at our 11:00am worship service. God has a plan, my friends. It includes these youth, and me, and you.

This I believe.

Prayer: “You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of dust. You make beautiful things. You make beautiful things out of us.”* Amen.

*”Beautiful Things” by Michael Gungor.


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