The Winning Team

Sunday’s Scripture ~ Acts 10:34-43 and John 20:1-18. 

On Palm Sunday I referred to Holy Week as “Super Bowl Week for the Church.” That evening a friend sent me a message that said, “Two teams play in the Super Bowl…and we are on the winning team.”

I admit that I did not fully catch the truth in his statement when I first read it. When I made my comment I was referring to the number of opportunities to engage our faith as we walk with Christ to the cross – just as there are a number of activities that lead up to the big game on Super Bowl Sunday. But Chris heard my comment in relation to the main event. “Two teams play in the Super Bowl…and we are on the winning team.”

On one side is sin and death. On the other is grace and Christ. 

Grace and Christ start the week strong…but as the week progresses, sin and death gain momentum until such a time it appears sin and death close it all. 

But they do not. 

And they never will. 

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it” (Jn 1:5).

We are on the winning team with Christ because of God’s amazing grace. This winning team is not exclusive to us; it is God’s gift to all people. And that is why we will gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ this Sunday. 

7am Morningsong Service featuring acoustic music and Holy Communion in the Courtyard

10am Easter Breakfast in the Fellowship Hall

11am Worship featuring the Sanctuary Choir and traditional hymns in the Sanctuary

Prayer: “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow; because he lives, all fear is gone; because I know he holds the future, and life is worth the living just because he lives.”* Amen. 

*”Because He Lives,” The United Methodist Hymnal364.

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